ABTC are now members of NEWC (National Equine Welfare Council)

NEWC was formed in 1977 and its mission is to protect the welfare of the horse, pony, donkey and mule by ensuring that everyone who has an interest or association with an equine makes its health and welfare the overriding factor in all decision making.

If you would like to find out more about NEWC their website is

Discussions with the RCVS have resumed in the wake of delays from Brexit and the pandemic. A meeting was held in August between the RCVS and ABTC to explore some of the more technical details of our activities and how they would be best governed. There is agreement that the sector is in need of regulating and there is a clear aim to achieve that outcome from all concerned. The vet-led team model is seen as the appropriate way ahead. Internal discussions are now under way to examine some of the possible legal and practical issues associated with regulating the behaviour and training sector.

Meanwhile work goes on within the RCVS on new veterinary legislation to replace the Veterinary Surgeons Act and how paraprofessionals can be incorporated.

More meetings are anticipated in the future and we will report on progress as it unfolds. The process is slow but steady and the trajectory is clear.


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