Organisations (Practitioner, Advisory and Supporting) are members of ABTC, not individual practitioners. 

If you would like to be placed on the ABTC practitioner register, you need to be a full member of one of the Practitioner Organisations . You can see which roles they are able to register next to their names AT (Animal Trainer), ATI (Animal Training Instructor), ABT (Animal Behaviour Technician) and CAB (Clinical Animal Behaviourist).

If you are an assessed practitioner of one of the Practitioner Organisation Members then you can ask – via your admin/office – to join the appropriate ABTC register.  There is an annual fee for entry on the register.  

Acceptance on the register lets clients/professionals know that your organisation has assessed you to the appropriate ABTC standard (listed above).

Continuing Professional Development

Members of ABTC Practitioner Organisations are expected to continue learning to keep up to date with developments and increase their knowledge.  This CPD has to be declared to your Practitioner Organisation each year.  ABTC audits these returns.