Dog Safety

Following the recent coverage of dog bit incidents towards children, the CFSG (Canine and Feline Sector Group) have put together information on keeping children safe.

Please look on CFSG’s website for infographics and further information.

RSPCA  has some good resources including a ‘top tips’ video about keeping children safe and dogs happy.

Ethical Dog Training

As part of our ongoing work to promote humane practice in the training and behaviour therapy of animals we have prepared a statement detailing our position on ethical dog training. You can download a pdf of the Ethical Dog Training Leaflet here

Articles on all sorts of topics

Many ABTC members have useful articles to help:


We hope to have our dogs share our lives for many years, but in case you need some help when they do have to leave, you can find advice from ABTC members

Hot Weather

ABTC member organisations have useful information about keeping your dog safe.