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How to manage box rest

ABTC member The British Horse Society have partnered with ABTC Trustee Justine Harrison on their latest equine behaviour project. Justine is registered as an Accredited Animal Behaviourist with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council and is also a fully certified member of the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants (IAABC).

The project focuses on how horse owners can best manage box rest, as well as recognise and respond to changes in horse behaviour to enhance mental wellbeing. The following resources are readily accessible on their website:

and one on YouTube:

ABTC member World Horse Welfare have webinars on their YouTube channel
These include:
ABTC Member BHS (The British Horse Society) have articles on their website.
These include:
International Society for Equitation Science has position statements on the use/misuse of leadership and dominance concepts in horse training and other horse topics here
ABTC member Horse Trust fund ethically approved non-invasive research.  Their focus is translating the outcomes into real tools that the horse owner can use.  You can find details here
ABTC Member IAABC have horse articles here and a poster here
ABTC Member FABC have videos on equids here and articles here
ABTC Member APBC have videos and articles on equids here 
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