BVNA Congress 2023 

ABTC at the BVNA Congress 2023

ABTC Advisory Member, British Veterinary Nursing Association (BVNA) held their annual congress in Telford from 6 – 8 October this year. Celebrating their 50th year, with the theme ‘Empowerment’, this landmark event and high calibre speakers provided opportunities for learning, exploring and connecting with fellow attendees. Championing the veterinary nursing profession, this progressive organisation espouses ‘human and animal welfare’ as a core value. The ABTC was proud to attend the event as an exhibitor and thrilled to support ABTC Trustee, Nikki McLeod as a congress speaker.

Attending the event provided a valuable opportunity for ABTC representatives to reach and engage with attendees in order to grow awareness and share information about the council’s aims. The ABTC is seeking to encourage more veterinary nursing professionals to consider pursuing further education with regards animal training and behaviour as part of their professional development and offers a ‘Learning Pathway in Behaviour’ online course, in collaboration with the BVNA.

As an umbrella body collectively representing the training and behaviour sector, the ABTC urges existing practitioners in the field to ask their professional organisation how they can sign up to one of the ABTC role registers. Not only do ABTC certifications represent a hallmark of the highest standards, they reflect a commitment to promoting excellence within the sector.

BVNA Council member and ABTC trustee Nikki McLeod delivered an inspiring and entertaining lecture built around species-specific communication in cats, the relevance of cat-friendly handling techniques and empowering fellow nurses to advocate for their feline patients. “It was an honour and a privilege to be asked to speak at BVNA Congress on their 50th anniversary. It was easy to see from the audience attending the lecture and those coming to the stand, that the veterinary nursing profession want to learn more about animal behaviour. We were pleased to promote on the stand, the ‘Learning Pathway in Behaviour’ course, in collaboration with the BVNA,” said Nikki.

A big thank you goes out to our ABTC stand volunteers over the course of the congress weekend and we look forward to continuing to build on our partnership with the BVNA.

Fiona Cooke, ABTC Trustee (left) and Nikki McLeod, ABTC Trustee and BVNA Congress speaker at the ABTC exhibition stand.